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Canaan Creative company logo - Avalon 841 Bundle (Qty 20)


This Product is configured for Miners. It contains the minimum set of equipment required to set up 20 Miners. If you want to resell, you will have to add controllers (1 per miner) to your cart.

This product contains:

20 x Avalon 841

20 x PSU

1   x  AvalonMiner Controller

Please note:  Every Miner requires an AUC. AUCs ship with the Controller. There are 4 AUC  per controller, enough to operate 20 miners per controller.

We ship this product from mainland China through air freight to your designated place, the shipping cost is an estimated price, the final price depends on your shipping address.

For this product, we ONLY accept USD Bank wire transfer.

Avalon products are known for their reliability. We have a 99% reliability rating in the field. The products are built to run for 2 years without failure.

If you are interested in this product, please place an order and fill the exact information .




Hashrate 13.6 TH/s, -5% ~ 10% . Average 13.6
Power Consumption 1290W, 0% ~ 20% @ 13TH/s, 25°C, 93% PSU Efficiency, 12V AC, Wall-Plug
Power Efficiency 0.099J / GigaHash Wall-Plug
Rated Input Voltage  12 ~ 12.6V
Chips 104 x A3210HP  16nm ASIC
Frequency Smart Speed
PSU output pins  8 X 6PIN
Network Connection AUC3 AUC3 I2C to AvalonMiner Controller
Controller AvalonMiner Controller
AUC3 Up to 5 devices / AUC3, Daisy-Chain Connection
Operating Temperature -5℃ ~ 30℃
Air-intake Temperature -5℃ ~ 30℃
Cooling 1 x 12038 FAN, 6000RPM
Noise 0 ~ 65db
Dimensions  370mm x 150mm x 136mm
Gross Dimensions  430 mm x 215mm x 205mm
Net weight  4.7kg
Gross weight 5.2kg


Input 176 – 264V AC 15A MAX 50/60Hz
Output 12V 130A MAX
Rated Power 1600W
PSU Efficiency 93%
Air-intake -5°C to 40°C
Plugs 8 X 6-PIN power connectors
Country of Original China
Net Weight 2kg

Sorcerer Power Supply Unit


Please abide by local laws and regulations when you use our product.

AvalonMiner 841 and AvalonMiner Controller include a 90-day warranty, starting from the date goods are received. Canaan guarantees a 90 days warranty from the first date you receive the goods. We promise to replace defective or faulty parts with new parts, but mining earnings will not be compensated. Buyers pay inbound shipping and we will pay the return shipping. Please note that we are not responsible for any loss caused by customs delays, losses or charges.



Canaan Creative company logo - Avalon 841 Bundle (Qty 20)


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