Keep your coins double protected!
An ultimate bundle for crypto-beginners and hodlers alike.

Get the TREZOR One in black, in a convenient package with a damage-resistant vault for your recovery seed.

Be ready for everything. Trezor guards you against digital danger, Cryptosteel will take care of the environmental challenges. Fire or water are no match against the carefully crafted steel. Take extra care of your cryptocurrencies so you can sleep tight.

Trezor Device
What is Trezor?
Trezor is the first, the original, and the most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The safe place for your coins, and for your entire digital identity: passwords, logins and keys.
Keep your keys safe.
Your digital keys are the access keys to your coins. Trezor stores these keys for you, and allows you to use them safely. Your keys never leave the device, as the device is completely isolated.
Always know what you are doing.
Trezor features a screen and two buttons, which give you the executive power over the all the operations. Verify them directly on the device screen, and confirm or abort with the buttons.
Easily backup your entire wallet, once and for all.
To make backups easier, we helped to create the standard recovery seeds (BIP32/39/44), meaning you can simply recover your entire wallet by using the 24-word recovery seed if lose your device.
Store your passwords safely.
Passwords are individually locked with the Trezor Password Manager, using your digital keys. Secrets are released one by one, and only after your physical confirmation on your Trezor.
Reinforce your accounts with U2F.
Trezor can serve as your U2F hardware token. In comparison to standard tokens, Trezor fully utilizes its screen to inform you about the authentication request before you approve it. It is also backed up with your seed.
Wide compatibility.
Trezor is a USB 2.0 device compatible with Windows, Linux and OS X (10.8 or higher).


What is Cryptosteel?
Cryptosteel is a hand-crafted, steel backup for your personal recovery seed, generated by Trezor.
Why do I need a Cryptosteel?
You can think of Cryptosteel as the master of all backups. It is a premier, indestructible physical backup tool for your recovery seed, without any third-party involvement.
How does Cryptosteel work?
Cryptosteel comes with more than 250 stainless steel letter tiles engraved on each side. You can assemble your recovery seed manually from the supplied part-randomized set of tiles. For each recovery seed word, only assemble its first four letters. This is sufficient for their uniqueness.
Is Cryptosteel environment-resistant?
Yes, Cryptosteel is resistant to various sorts of physical damages, including fire, flooding, corrosive conditions, and impacts from accidents.

Trezor supports 100 coins

Ethereum ClassicEthereum Classic
Bitcoin GoldBitcoin Gold
Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash

Trezor Device

Technical specification

Dimensions & Weight
Size: 60mm x 30mm x 6mm (2.4in x 1.2in x 0.2in) Weight: 12 g (0.42 oz)
Operating temperature
-20°C to 60°C (-4°F – 140°F)
Micro USB connector for connecting to the computer or mobile phone.
120 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex M3) running a custom developed system.
Bright OLED – 128×64 pixels. Enough to hold six lines of text. Can display all the details needed to verify a transaction in a single screenfull.
Safety & certifications
The Trezor is CE and RoHS certified, so it meets all quality, reliability and environmental standards. It’s fine to take your Trezor with you on the airplane. Like all modern electronics, the X-Rays won’t hurt it.

What’s in the box?

  • Trezor device
  • Cryptosteel
  • Micro USB cable
  • 2x Recovery seed booklet

Trezor packaging




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